[fpc-pascal]CRT unit

Thomas Schatzl tom_at_work at yline.com
Sun Aug 5 12:25:50 CEST 2001

From: "Andreas K. Foerster" <AKFoerster at nikocity.de>
Subject: Re: [fpc-pascal]CRT unit

> > WindMinY and WindMaxY. They're exported to the interface section of the
> > atm.
> ATM?

Don't know. Probably the developers will keep it, just for compatibility [if
you want to express the concern that someday the vars will be removed]. But
imo there are reasons to not keep it and to do it in a better way, some of
them I mentioned to you earlier. It's Borland-crt incompatible anyway. Not
that I have much to say in this issue, that's just my two cents.

> > The WindMax variable is there for .... umm .... historical reasons.
> > (compatibility).
> I try to write progs, which are portable between Linux and Windows.
> Under Linux the screensize isn't always the same.

Btw, a small question: why do you need the screenheight/width vars in Linux
then ? Wouldn't it be better to use the WindMax stuff there too (since it's

Under Windows [NT and other supported non-DOS OSes] it isn't as well..... it
may even change during program execution, what a progress since '92... ;-)

> > Porting from TP to FPC / GO32V2 is usually done with recompiling
> > (considering it's pascal code) - I don't think that porting to another
> > from TP is possible as easily at all.
> Oh, I was surprised how easy it is to port console progs to Linux.

Depends on the complexity of the program (and with what constraints you are
satisfied, see another mail in that thread).

I personally don't have the need to port from TP to Linux; if I am coding in
this OS I'm not porting from DOS but trying to get Win32 stuff running
(somehow) or vice versa (somehow).
[A TP based RTL doesn't help much here. Porting a Win32 app via DOS to Linux
or so.... *lol*]

> > The TP RTL is too much DOS dependant for this task imo.
> I don't think so. Except of the DOS unit and perhaps the Graph unit.

*g* So we're talking about all TP units which deal with some kind of OS or
user interaction..... [the latter can be considered as kind of the former

[Left from the TP RTL is the strings unit, not counting overlay (obsolete),
printer (dos dependant; isn't stated as 100% Linux compatible in the fpc
docs) and the turbo3 and graph3 (n/a with FPC, obsolete) unit. You save one
unit. Please correct me if I'm mistaken]


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