[fpc-pascal]CRT unit (was: Beep in Windows)

Thomas Schatzl tom_at_work at yline.com
Fri Aug 3 13:49:25 CEST 2001

[James Wilson wrote]

>I have problems with clreol clearing an entire line -- it leaves a
>character in the last column. It has something to do with perhaps the last
>line of the window, or what windmax is set for, but I haven't quite figured
>it out yet.

Can't reproduce that problem (with the 1.1 snapshots). Do you have some code
showing that behaviour ?

[Peter Vreman wrote]

> > > - The command "clreol" doesn't work correctly. It clears the rest of
> > > the line as it should, but it doesn't set the color. (That's what I
> > > need this command mostly for)
> >
> > This has been fixed with the snapshots afaik.
> At least in the 1.1 snapshots. Please try that snapshot first, because it
> contains a big update of the Crt unit donated by Thomas.

This is also fixed in the 1.0.5 snapshots since it was already done by you
at the point I changed the stuff afair.

> > The current CRT should be faster now too since it doesn't scroll around
> > the whole screen buffer anymore when inserting / removing lines but only
> > the actually visible screen (well, only really interesting for NT people
> > since W9x consoles can't be bigger than the visual screen).
> With current CRT you mean the version in the 1.1 development branch.



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