[fpc-pascal]Re: [fpc-pascal]FPC using source code from Delphi's units - Kylix

Ralf A. Quint ralf at aztechvision.net
Fri Aug 3 07:08:18 CEST 2001

At 06:29 PM 08/02/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>Quoting "Ralf A. Quint" <ralf at aztechvision.net>:
> > least in Windows 98) is that too much icons/buttons in the toolbar and
> > in
> > the application during tests are bad for the health of the GDI,
> > otherwise,
> > i have experienced so far no problem with the reset in either Delphi or
> > Kylix.....
>Create a BDE based app. Run it, open tables, run queries. Program reset it.
>Repeat this. In the end you'll get a 'Out of Memory' style message because
>Delphi hasn't closed down the BDE properly. Works best with DBase, though
>Paradox will work too.
Well, no problem here, i don't use the BDE (never have, never will)...;-)))

>Whilst using Delphi on an underpowered machine, program reset can randomly
>crash the IDE with an Access violation. Happened more in Delphi 4 than 5
How do you define underpowered? The least powerfull machine i have used it 
on for a while was a Pentium 233, 64MB RAM and 2x8GB HD...., normally i use 
either a PII/300, 192MB, 10+20GB at home or a PIII/450, 256MB, 10+30GB at 
work, both with Delphi 5 (Standard and Enterprise), while i currently run 
Kylix on a K6-2/300 with 128MB RAM....


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