[fpc-pascal]oCrt keyboard control with Linux

Ken J. Wright ken at cncware.com
Mon Apr 23 09:49:05 CEST 2001

> I am using unit oCrt to accept keyboard imput for my application.
> Now I see that that I can not "Inkey" the "Pos1" and "End" Keys,
>  they both return #27 just like in ESC
> further simple ReadKey's return differant results
> if I use crt, ncrt or ocrt!

ncrt & ocrt share the same code base, so the results *should* be exactly the 
same. "Out of the box" readkey returns the same values as the Borland crt 
unit, excepting some combinations like Ctrl/Fx and Atl/Fx..

Is your probelm with the standard Linux console, dumb terminal, emulator?

> Do I need to modify the "termcap" file in anyway?
> is this normal or is there a way to correct this?

Normally not required except to trick some pc terminal emulators.

Also make sure you have the latest ncrt from 


> p.s: using SuSE linux 6.4

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