[fpc-pascal]Questions about the new features in version 1.2.

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I believe I am much more of an amateur at Freepascal than you, so I can't
help you.

I myself have some questions to ask.  I see so many advantages of usings
Freepascal rather than the old Pascal, yet I need to learn how to use this
version.  I have trouble compiling my own units, or importing my old units
and recompiling them with the Freepascal compiler.

Wether it will help or not, I would like to download the full version again
(Windows and Dos) and reinstall it.

So, can you please give me the link to where you downloaded your Freepascal?

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> After seeing the page on planned compiler features, I've downloaded a
> version 1.1 snapshot and have tried out these new features; however, there
> are some things that I do not understand but feel that I should in case I
> need to use them in the future.  I hope someone can explain these things
> me.
> 1. What are Interfaces and Widestrings?
> 2. How do you get the upper and lower bounds of dynamic arrays when you
> don't already know those values for certain?  When I use the High and Low
> functions for these things, I always get -1 and 0, respectively.
> 3. What are default parameters?  Is it where you give parameters default
> values that are used if the parameter isn't passed when the function or
> procedure is called, kind of like optional arguments in JavaScript
> scripting?
> Thank you very much and I'm very sorry if these questions have already
> asked millions of times, but I couldn't access the archives.
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