[fpc-pascal]cluster size info for win9x/go32

Ralf Quint rquint at primenet.com
Fri Sep 29 07:45:05 CEST 2000

At 07:19 PM 09/28/2000 +0100, John Lee wrote:
>Marco's version works fine for fat32 and fat16...
>Only 2 issues/problems:
>1)it needs go32 (uses it to copy data) so can't be used in a fpc win32
>program. Looks as if there ought to be a variant using only the dos unit, to
>extend it for fat32, using INT 21h/AX=7303h... Apparently this works for
>fat16 too ... if someone knows the algorithm, I'll try it...
>2) doesn't pick up correct cluster size of a networked drive under win9x.
>This may be a windoze/win9x problem tho... Anyone know whether there is a
>fix for this?

For networked drives (or drives using a similar filesystem approach like 
CD-ROMs), there is no cluster size information, as the originating file 
system just might not have such structures. So the redirector doesn't 
provide this information.


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