[fpc-pascal]Debuging in Freepascal

Florian Klaempfl florian at klaempfl.de
Wed Sep 27 11:23:56 CEST 2000

Dirk Verwiebe schrieb:
> Florian Klaempfl schrieb:
> > You could try to allocate a huge amount of memory (more than your real
> > RAM) in your program and do random accesses to it. So the DPMI server
> > has to swap and the chance for a page fault becomes higher.
> >
> >
> Does the dpmi server swap if not all physical memory is used ? I have in my target

It shouldn't but who knows. 

> system 8 MB of Ram and only use ca. 2 MB.

Do you have some kind of disk cache (smartdrv) or ramdisk installed?
Afaik, a page fault is caused by a page moved to disk (or by accessed to
non allocated memory addresses). Under certain circumstances (in an
interrupt handler) the DPMI server can't fetch the page to the main
memory and it issues a page fault.

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