Dominik Schulz dschulz at c-nit.de
Sun Sep 17 15:08:54 CEST 2000

Michael.VanCanneyt at Wisa.be wrote:
> So, please: try the following command:
> ppc386 -n -va -S2 yourfile.pp

Compiler: c:\dokumente\daten\fpc\bin\win32\ppc386.exe
Compiler OS: Win32 for i386
Target OS: Win32 for i386
Using executable path: c:\dokumente\daten\fpc\bin\win32\
Using unit path: .\bin\win32\
Using library path: .\bin\win32\
Using object path: .\bin\win32\
Compiling testtry.pas
Macro defined: WIN32
Macro defined: FPC
Macro defined: VER1
Macro defined: VER1_1
Macro defined: VER1_1_0
Macro defined: HASWIDECHAR
Macro defined: PACKENUMFIXED
Macro defined: HASOUT
Macro defined: CPU86
Macro defined: CPU87
Macro defined: CPUI386
Macro defined: FPC_LINK_SMART
Macro FPC_VERSION set to 1
Macro FPC_RELEASE set to 1
Macro FPC_PATCH set to 0
194 Kb Free
testtry.pas(4,1) Macro defined: FPC_DELPHI
Load from TESTTRY (implementation) unit SYSWIN32
Unitsearch: syswin32.ppw
Unitsearch: syswin32.pp
Unitsearch: syswin32.pas
Unitsearch: .\bin\win32\syswin32.ppw
Unitsearch: .\bin\win32\syswin32.pp
Unitsearch: .\bin\win32\syswin32.pas
Fatal: Can't find unit SYSWIN32

(Unit syswin32.pp|ppw is in source\rtl\win32.)


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