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IoDream IoDream at ifrance.com
Sat Sep 16 23:51:59 CEST 2000

Ok, but where can I find a cross assembler, for compiling linux targets
inside dos/windows ?

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> >
> >    First of all, you can use OS_TARGET=TargetOS (win32 for example),
> bu> t you
> > MUST type the target name in lowercase. In the same way, DON'T add
> > OPT="options" in your make cycle' command. Even with all that fixed, I
> > couldn't compile the linux linux I got an assembler error in assembling
> > rtl/linux/prt0.as.
> make is case sensitive, you can't compile the .as files cross platform
when you
> don't have a cross assembler.

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