[fpc-pascal]FPC/Linux - how to link with c/c++ programs ?

Piotr Skrzypczynski ps at ar-kari.put.poznan.pl
Wed Sep 13 11:58:11 CEST 2000

I'm new to this list, so sorry if I'm asking about obvious things.....
Recently I've installed FPC 1.0 for Linux. It works fine - I have ported
several of my old BP7/DOS programs, but now I want to know how to link
procedures/libraries written in Pascal with c/c++ programs under Linux.
Exactly, I need to link some numerical procedures I wrote in Pascal with a
Linux program written in c++ (compiled with gcc). This is 3000+ lines of
Pascal code so I'm looking for any other solution than convert it to c...

- Is it possible ?
- Where can I find any exapmles of such 'mixed' programs ?

Piotr Skrzypczynski

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