[fpc-pascal]Build from CVS

Jo JoeT3 at ifrance.com
Sat Sep 9 23:48:10 CEST 2000

          Hello to all,

   I recently downloaded fpc from the CVS (yes 30 Mo !) and now I don't
succeed in compiling all the stuff: I don't really know what to do !!

   Can you make a notice on how to build it, including ALL the needed steps,
for all the wanted targets (go32v2, win32, linux,...) in a clean way, i.e.
at the end it looks like a new unpacked release of the compiler. This could
   1. Be sure to already have a working Free Pascal compiler in your path.
   2. Copy the fpc directory you got from the CVS in another location, where
you will build the new compiler.
   3. Remove all the 'Cvs' directories from inside the working directory.
   4. Now choose your_target:
          go32v2zip for a zipped go32v2 release,
          win32zip for a zipped win32 release,
          xxxxx for xxxxx........
   5. 'cd' to your working directory and type 'make your_target'.
   6. Wait and pray.
   7. Look into xxx directory for what you wanted.
   8. ....etc....
   You should include this at the root of the CVS fpc directory, for

          Thanx for support,

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