[fpc-pascal]Problem with daemon.pp

Ken J. Wright kenw at cncware.com
Sun Sep 10 20:05:40 CEST 2000

On Sun, 10 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> Hello !
> I'm new on this list and perhaps have missed info what I'm looking for...  
> forgive me .  I upgraded to latest fpc (1.0). I think I had previously
> something 0.99-?(abt year old or so).
> Then I returned to daemon.pp that is introduced on UNITS section of
> fpc-homepages. Previously I managed to compile daemon.pp and also made
> some programs of my own using this source as base. Now I found out that I
> cant use (compile) them any more with new version of fpc.  First problem
> in daemon.pp was:
>   new(aHup);
>   new(aTerm);
>     aTerm^.sa_handler := @DoSig;  <-------------here
>     aTerm^.sa_mask := 0;
>     aTerm^.sa_flags := 0;
>     aTerm^.sa_restorer := nil;
>     aHup^.sa_handler := @DoSig;  <-------------and here
>     aHup^.sa_mask := 0;
> After some thinking and manual reading :-O I replaced "aTerm^.sa_handler"
> as "aTerm^.handler.sh"  and passed all without erros in compile.   

sa_handler is correct. Unfortunately 1.00 had an error in the linux unit. You
will need to download a snapshot to fix this problem.


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