[fpc-pascal]FreePascal distributed in CDs

Aitor Santamaría Merino aitor.sm at terra.es
Thu Sep 7 19:22:46 CEST 2000


I post this message just in case there is someone there keeping a record
of places where FreePascal is distributed.
I have recently known of these two:

1) The Spanish programming magazine 'Sólo Programadores' offers
FreePascal 1.00 in the number 70 (September2000 or perhaps August 2000).
The CD usually contains lots of free and demos of compilers, and other
programming tools, several cursis on programming, including Delphi
(which might indicate that the Pascal language is somewhat healthy). It
includes DOS and Win32 distributions, plus documentation. The strange
thing is that it is located in:
instead of
(Entorno means 'Environment'), perhaps because of the IDE.

2) The Linux Mandrake distribution 7.1, includes FreePascal in their
'extras' CD (or that is what I was told, but I haven't been able to
check it). I had to communicate with them due to problems with 7.0, and
in the same message I suggested them to include both FPK and Lazarus.
They said 'why not?', and now they include FPK, but they didn't tell me
about Lazarus, so I don't know if it is there.


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