[fpc-pascal]Controlling TTY output

md md at realmwireless.com
Tue Oct 31 23:21:36 CET 2000

FPC developers:

Here is a brain teaser.

Let us say we have two environments:

1) Normal BASH shell with prompt in TTY1 -  The TERM environment
variable will be set to linux
2) KDE Destktop - The TERM environment variable will be set to xterm

Under the non-x window environment, how do we fork() / execlp( ) another
process so that the new child process
will use a different Ttty console to output its writeln( ) information

Under KDE, I can execute a fork() with execlp( ) and the command line
will be as follows 'konsole -e /bin/application arg1'

The net effect of this is that the parent process continues in its own
console window and the child process will execute
in a separte console window. The input/output of each process is now
separate to each window.  

Under non-xwindows environments, .i.e. normal bash shell, How do we
fork() / exec( ) a process so that it will be assigned a different TTY
or some other means of having a separate console for each process.

What this also means that the login process for a given TTY is skipped
or avoided so the processes that are started from
the runlevel 3 inittab file can spawn processes that will take over a
given console.

This is different that just logging into a bunch of different consoles
and running each process on a given console.  This is where the code is
assigning processes to consoles.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mark Diener
md at realmwireless.com

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