Dominik Schulz dschulz at c-nit.de
Fri Oct 13 19:55:39 CEST 2000

"Jonas Maebe" <jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be> wrote:
> >After that I add to ppc386.cfg
> >  -FDc:\devel\fpc/bin/win32
> >But this resulted in external linking too.
> It seems your ppc386.cfg doesn't get loaded (or at least not the copy 
> you're editing). The search order for a ppc386.cfg is
> a) current dir

No ppc386.cfg is located there.

> b) dir where ppc386.exe is

I edited this one.

> c) ?
> >The commandline option -va does not give more informations about that.
> Maybe it allows you to see which ppc386.cfg is loaded.

I've tested several other things. I wrote garbage in this file. FPC complained
about it. I commented all lines beginning with '-Fu'. Neverless the compiler found
all units it needed. I renamed the file (new name: 'ppc386.cfg.old'), but the
program compiled well(, even there were no informations put out). Ldw was also

BTW: My FPC version is 1.00

                          ciao, Dominik

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