[fpc-pascal]Compile the FPC compiler

Cabuzel Thierry Thierry.Cabuzel at gial.be
Mon Oct 9 18:07:37 CEST 2000

I try to compile FPC from the CVS sources under Win98 (I know, but nobody is
For that I type : MAKE COMPILER GO32V2ZIP
All seems to work well, but after a certain moment, I can see some error
message like 'Cannot find SOMETHING.ppu' (replace SOMETHING by nearly what
unit you want)
At the end I have nothing in the temp directory where it seems the final
executables need to be.
I'm sure I have done something wrong! But what?

Auxiliary question: I Try to compile the CVS version of FVision, but I have
nothing exept an ugly non working correctly texte interface in graph mode...
How can I have something like the IDE?

Thierry Cabuzel

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