Dominik Schulz dschulz at c-nit.de
Sun Oct 8 17:26:18 CEST 2000


I tried to compile the sample-program menu.pp for win32. It worked, but the
compiler printed out, that it can't find the linker ldw and switched to external

In my \bin\win32\ppc386.cfg the path is set:

The file ldw.exe is in c:\devel\fpc\bin\win32

I tried some commandline options:
  ldw found:      ppc386 -FDc:\devel\fpc\bin\win32 menu
  ldw not found:  ppc386 -FDc:\devel\fpc\bin\$TARGET menu
  ldw not found:  ppc386 -Twin32 -FDc:\devel\fpc\bin\$TARGET menu

After that I add to ppc386.cfg
But this resulted in external linking too.

The commandline option -va does not give more informations about that.

What is the problem?

                        Thank you, Dominik

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