[fpc-pascal]QT - mouse and keyboard simult.

Martin Hankovec Martin.Hankovec at oku-st.cz
Fri Oct 6 11:02:36 CEST 2000

>Either you use the API units completly or you write your own mouse/keyboard
>routines. Then the only (good) solution (afaik) do this is to run a seperate
>thread which waits for an event and write it to buffers which can be read
>from the main program (the API uses more or less the same solution).

Well, I'd like to use API units. But I cannot start running keyboard and mouse
simultaneously. If I test 
uses Mouse, Keyboard ...
and in the program use GetMouseEvent etc., it looks like this function "steals"
the events for keyboard. If anybody have a minute to show fragment of source,
which gets coordinates and status of mouse and read keyboard in one loop,
I'd be VERY glad :-)))

I took from source of API functions (I mean event.pas, mouse.inc and keyboard.inc)
some fragments, which are working alone, but after some hours of testing I have
no idea how to connect them into one working block :-(

Maybe there is (or will be) someone, who could need it too. I very appreciate anyone

Have a good day


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