[fpc-pascal]How to shrink the executable size?

Lee, John LeeJ at logica.com
Thu Oct 5 14:46:01 CEST 2000

ftp.freepascal.org /fpc/contrib/look_map12.zip gets it for me... Is there
another ftp fpc contrib somewhere else that is causing confusion? Regards

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> Afraid I didn't follow early part of thread...Did you look at the
> linkmap when you smartlinked to see why size so great? There is a
> program I contributed, look_map, in ftp fpc \contrib which will
> analyse it for you listing the things included or you can do it
> manually. I spent some time looking at size (it is important as we
> know!). I found that using smartlink (now default for rel 1.0 &
> later I believe) and -Xs then upx ing I could get small go32v2 &
> win32 programs down to 20K or so, but no smaller. Without
> smartlinking or -Xs or upxing even small progs can be huge
> 150-200K! See the readme with look_map...BTW I also found that the
> time to load & run programs is greater after upxing them, even
> tho' they appear smaller. HTH John

I check the contributed units section, but searchs for "look_map" and "Lee"
both came back empty. Where is this kept?



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