[fpc-pascal]How to shrink the executable size?

Sebastian Schuberth s.schuberth at gmx.net
Thu Oct 5 12:20:18 CEST 2000

"Lee, John" wrote:

> Afraid I didn't follow early part of thread...Did you look at the linkmap
> when you smartlinked to see why size so great? There is a program I

I didnt't look at the linkmap, but the problem was that I pceified the
-Cx switch but forgot to also use the -XX switch to actualy use
smartlinked units.

> (now default for rel 1.0 & later I believe) and -Xs then upx ing I could get
> small go32v2 & win32 programs down to 20K or so, but no smaller. Without

That's just about what I manage to shrink the programs to.

> readme with look_map...BTW I also found that the time to load & run programs
> is greater after upxing them, even tho' they appear smaller.  HTH John

Loading to executable to memory is faster, because it's smaller. But the
whole time before execution increases because the executabel has to be
unpacked in memory first.


Sebastian Schuberth

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