[fpc-pascal]question - mouse under Win32

Jeff Wormsley daworm at cdc.net
Mon Oct 2 17:45:48 CEST 2000

On 10/02/2000 at 4:42 PM Martin Hankovec wrote:

>Hello all,
>please, does exist any mouse driver under win32 working
>in such a way as MsMouse ? I haven't found it in standard
>distribution (I think, there is only MsMouse for Go32v2 there).

  If you are still doing console mode stuff, you need to look at these functions...


The ReadConsoleInput function uses an INPUT_RECORD structure that for mouse events contains a MOUSE_EVENT_RECORD that will give you the mouse position and the button information.  I've not used the mouse data before, but these are the same calls used for keyboard data.  You may want to look for these in the win32 RTL code and see if any mouse events are already handled, and save yourself some effort.  It may be up to you to provide your own mouse cursor.

Anyone else have more info about this?


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