[fpc-pascal]How to shrink the executable size?

Sebastian Schuberth s.schuberth at gmx.net
Sun Oct 1 13:09:48 CEST 2000

Jonas Maebe wrote:

> > myself. So how do I tell the compiler to link against the *.a files
> > instead of *.o files? The -CX switch is only for linking units themself
> > smartly (to create *.a instead of *.o files), AFAIK.
> -CX is indeed for creating smartlinkable units. -XX is to turn on
> smartlinking.

Ah, yes, thanks. Much better now :-) Now how do I include some DPMI
server (like CWSDPMI) into the GO32V2 executable, so no external files
are needed? Is it possible to use some other server, like PMODE,
CauseWay or WDOSX? I guess I'm a litte confused about what's called
"stub", "dmpi server", "extender" etc. I always though a 32-bit PM DOS
executable is made of a stub, an extender called by the stub, and the
program itself. Does anyone have a link where those things are


Sebastian Schuberth

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