[fpc-pascal]How to shrink the executable size?

Sebastian Schuberth s.schuberth at gmx.net
Sun Oct 1 12:14:49 CEST 2000

Hi Tomas,

> > before.The size of (DOS-GO32V2) executables still is (even after
> > applying the optimizations mentioned in the FAQ) very large, a simple
> I suspect you didn't use a smartlinking RTL. You have to make the RTL
> yourself from sources with the appropriate parameter for smartlinking.

Well, I guess the GO32V2 RTL comes in a smart-linked version, too, as
there are *.a files in the RTL directory. So there are *.o (object
files, not smart) and *.a (archives of object files, smart) besides the
*.ppu files. And I don't get any other files when compiling the RTL
myself. So how do I tell the compiler to link against the *.a files
instead of *.o files? The -CX switch is only for linking units themself
smartly (to create *.a instead of *.o files), AFAIK.


Sebastian Schuberth

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