[fpc-pascal]Kylix and M68k Port

MPDJ MPDJ at btinternet.com
Wed Nov 29 20:18:46 CET 2000

> An Amiga and ST port is about as usefull as a kick in the head these days.
> no Mac port!!!!! There's no PalmOS port (mainly my fault I'll admit :P)

Careful what you say - I still use my Amiga so do many thousands of other
people. Just because they dissappear from your local electrical warehouse
doesn't mean they've vanished ! ;-)

I've used FPC for nearly a year now and believe me, it's been a life saver.
I  don't have the sort of money to buy Borland's packages, just for personal
use. The fact that they can write a suite of programs such as this, with all
the time and effort involved, and give them away for free is fantastic.

I have great faith that FPC (like the Amiga has done) will continue on....
and on..... !! ;-)

Thanks guys, and keep up the excellent work, it is always appreciated.


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