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At Tue, 28 Nov 2000, fpc-pascal at deadlock.et.tudelft.nl wrote:
>Hi, everybody!
>Another question to the same programming needs:
>I need to do an absolute 100% blocking LOCKING.
>I want to create a file and put such strong locks on it, that no other
>program can overcome this lock.
>All related other programs test for presence of this file. If existing,
>they must be blocked until it is away.
>Currently I simply create a text-file, add FLock(File,LOCK_EX); and keep
>it open.
>Is this enough?
>Is it possible that another instance of the same program can take over
>this file in some situations? Or will it always get an IOResult Error?
A rm will delete the file anyway. That means, if you have all
programs under controll which access this file, and all of them
use (File,LOCK_EX) it will do the job.

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