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Rainer Hantsch rainer at hantsch.co.at
Tue Nov 28 09:43:48 CET 2000

Hi, everybody!

I am currently writing some CGI programs which need exclusive access to
particular files. (Never must these files be accessed from more that one
instance of this program, but -- because of the nature of cgi -- it can
theoretically be launched unlimited times...

So I use a lock file which I place in /tmp/ and the program tests its
presence and waits until it is vanished, then it creates one by itself...

Well, but:
When I loop infinitely, always testing the presence, I force a dramatic
CPU load. So I tried to implement crt (or ncrt) to have delay() available
and to free up hereby the CPU for some seconds.
This shall allow the other instance of the program to get more CPU power
and finish quicker.

However, when I use *crt, the program does very nasty things, but not what
I want, so I cannot use crt/ncrt. 

How can I force a scheduling to sleep for a while?

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