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Viktor Kuznetsov vnk1999 at mail.ru
Mon Nov 27 13:04:52 CET 2000

Hello John,

Monday, November 27, 2000, 2:00:07 PM, you wrote:

fpadetn> From: "Lee, John" <LeeJ at logica.com>
fpadetn> To: "'fpc-pascal at deadlock.et.tudelft.nl'"
fpadetn> Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 10:52:10 -0000
fpadetn> Subject: [fpc-pascal]converter program fortran - (fpc?) pascal

fpadetn> Anyone know of a converter program, to run on dos/win9x that'll do (most
fpadetn> of?) this for reasonably structured (if that's possible) modern Fortran?
fpadetn> TIA for any ideas. John 

Such a thing seems to exist in


(where fpc seem to stand for _F_ortran to _P_ascal and _C_, not Free
Pascal). This claims to convert F77 to Turbo (Borland) Pascal or
C/C++. Its support library contains some Borland (i.e. Intel)
style assembler routines.

I didn't tried it myself, though author claims its use for
rather large computational project (quantum chemistry, if I am
not mistaken). It seems to be free.

Please report an experience, if You will try that -- I am in
principle interested too.

Best regards,
 Viktor                            mailto:vnk1999 at mail.ru

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