[fpc-pascal]Free pascal download

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Thu Nov 23 16:16:59 CET 2000

>I downloaded a free pascal compiler w32102.zip and have installed it on my 
>hard drive.  It is in the default folder pp.  However I cannot get the 
>compiler working.  I am executing the program by a shortcut on my desktop 
>with the target C:\pp\bin\win32\fp.exe.  This starts the compiler and i have 
>entered a program but when I attempt to compile it i get an error message 
>that the program cannot open the required folder.

There are some problems with the 1.0.2 IDE:

* the default target is set to go32v2, you have to change it to win32 (in 
the Compile menu)
* if you open a file in another directory than the current one, you get 
an error when trying to compile it. You can fix this by using the "Change 
directory..." command in the File menu to change the current directory to 
the same one as where the file you want to compile resides.

These problems are already fixed in the current development version and 
as such will be resolved in the next release.


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