[fpc-pascal]Bigger problem than external variables in FPC

md md at realmwireless.com
Thu Nov 23 02:44:24 CET 2000

The brain teaser related to the use of external variables stems from the
that certain compilation modes require the use of {$MODE FPC} while
other modes require {$DELPHI}

This is what is causing some variables declared as external to spit the
compiler error.

Is it possible to use the ($MODE FPC} compiler switch to change the
compilation mode on the fly?


Mark Diener

The solution is the -Sd compiler switch does not allow for the external
variables to compile correctly.

I will just turn it off and then back on for a short bit

md wrote:
> Another brain teaser:
> Page 47 of PROG.PDF refers to external variables.  I am trying to create
> a shared library if FPC
> and also trying to access those variables from executables in linux.
> FPC Linux->
> var
>  arg1 : integer ; cvar ; external ;
> Spits compiler error that
> Fatal: Syntax Error, : expected but ; found
> Does the reference to external variables work under Linux work?
> Can variables be exported out of shared libraries under linux?
> Mark
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