[fpc-pascal]IDE 1.03

Dirk Verwiebe dirk at verwiebe.de
Fri Nov 17 22:53:43 CET 2000

Maybe it is possible to provide snaps  of  the 1.03 IDE ?

With 1.1 snaps i have an error like
Identifier not found : SW_WORD.
It seems it is a type which should be defined in FPC and i have some
incompatible type errors .

I could send the sources of the files but they are available for everyone
because that is the graphix library from Michael Knapp.
The problems are in gximg.pp. If you compile the gxdemo you get the errors.If
necessary i´ll send the files to the list ?!

Jonas Maebe schrieb:

> >If you have a problem with snaps pls send fault report to [devel] with note
> >of circumstances, the snapshot date & thre code if possible.
> There are currently some known problems with the snapshots:
> * "inline" doesn't work (crashes the compiler)
> * trying to use operator overloading also seems to crash the compiler
> * debugging info for classes doesn't work properly (crashes gdb, which
> makes it very difficult to debug the compiler currently)
> Jonas
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