[fpc-pascal]Text mode windows

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Fri Nov 17 18:51:38 CET 2000

> > Can you encapsulate the window functionality in a class?  I am not
> > sure how the window unit works, as I have always done direct screen
> > writes (and the Win32 equivalent).  From what little I remember, you
> > don't get a "handle" to the window, per se, so you can't really
> > store it as a named thing.  Perhaps this would work...
> Thanks for the help -- I'll give that a try (although, I'm shamed to admit
> it, but I've never worked with objects yet so it may be a stretch for me to
> do). I guess I was just hoping that there'd be some simply thing I was
> overlooking...

In my source archive downloadable from


there is a handle based unit called EWindows, which implements simple
 handle based textwindowing.

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