[fpc-pascal]Sring vs AnsiString

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oops you used the h*** word- IMHO this is best form of docs! However, I
suggest you turn off your computer for a few weeks & watch out for a flame
from Michael... 

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> What's the difference - sorry for this question here, but I'm unable
> to read PDF under win2000 [CZ]

 Get yourself an operating system instead? ;-))) OK, just kidding, no 
flamewar intended. The question has been answered by Michael, I'd 
like just to add, that the documentation is available in other 
formats as well, not only PDF (although PDFs are definitely of the 
best quality among these formats). Other formats include HTML, plain 
text and LaTeX, so I'm sure you can find your own way to these should 
you need a more complete information about either ansistrings, or 
anything else in the future.

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