[fpc-pascal]IDE 1.03

Lee, John LeeJ at logica.com
Fri Nov 17 13:55:44 CET 2000

fvision doesn't yet work in fpc, but we are hoping to get it working soon. 

the fpc fv files, based on Borland's, are not distributed widely because of
(possible) copyright reasons, (unless you have a Borland FV source licence).

there have been problems with snapshot v1.1 generation in last few weeks,
but they are now working most days & afaik they (eg go32, win32, linux)
should now work ok - pls send any error to [devel]. 

There have been big changes to the compiler in last weeks so the snapshots
haven't in last few weeks always been makeable with themselves, tho' I
believe that this is now fixed... tho' I haven't tried it myself yet.  

If you have a problem with snaps pls send fault report to [devel] with note
of circumstances, the snapshot date & thre code if possible.

HTH Regards John

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today i have seen that some bugs  are fixed in the IDE Version 1.03.
But how and where can i get a new snapshot of the 1.03 IDE ?
Where can i get the freevision files ?  Are they from Borland ?
I have checked out the 1.1 Version via CVS and in the fpc directory is
an folder named fvison but i am not able to build the IDE. Only building
the compiler works.

Should the 1.1 snapshoots work again ? I have still problems to compile
a unit from Michael Knapp´s Graphix library with snaps from today. With
1.02 and 1.03 there is no problem.


Dirk Verwiebe

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