[fpc-pascal]Fwd: I am brain dead,cant get down load to work

Jonas Maebe jonas at zeus.rug.ac.be
Thu Nov 16 16:43:19 CET 2000

>    I am quite new to using computers so I'm probably doing something wrong!
>I have downloaded the full zip file from your site, as I am learning to 
>program with pascal and I wanted to try my new found skills. I think it was 
>the one that contained everything.
>    When I install it from the zip file it goes through the motions and 
>instals lots of stuff and then it says:
>     expand your path with 'c:\pp\bin\win32' 
>    I have no idea what this means but I click OK in blissful ignorance and 
>then it just goes back to the win zip thing where I started.
>    What is a path and how do I expand it.(I'm guessing it's not the 
>one leading from my front door but I can expand it if you think that will 

The "path" is list of directories (folders) which are automatically 
searched if you type the name of a program at the command line (e.g. in a 
dos window) (if there were no path and you wanted to start a program that 
resided in another directory than the current one, you would have to type 
the full pathname).

Anyway, the path statement is located in the file c:\autoexec.bat and 
looks like

set path=<list of directories>

Simply add at end of it


The result will then be something like

set path=c:\windows;c:\pp\bin\win32

(with probably several other directories in between)


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