[fpc-pascal]OT: Linux SMP question

md md at realmwireless.com
Thu Nov 9 22:52:55 CET 2000


You want to look at sched.c in the linux kernel sources.

You will have to recompile the kernel to provide this functionality.

The scheduler as written does not have CPU specific primitives, it is a
nice general purpose scheduler
with some NICE specific additions.

The language you will use is gnu C for this.

To use this kernel modification with FPC, you will have to provide a
system call so that you can set the value
of the CPU and process id for the scheduler. You may want to provide a
system call to retrieve number of CPU's, but
this is probably available from somewher already, like /proc/.

Hope this helps you size up the task.

I may be working on scheduler modification in the new year if you can
wait that long.  I would then share 
my efforts with you.

Mark Diener

Thomas Schatzl wrote:
> Hello all,
>     I've some (general) questions about Linux and SMP and probably some of
> you know some pointers to information (I couldn't find the thing I was
> trying to search for ...).
> So does someone know whether there is a library or system calls or whatever
> which allow assignment of particular threads or processes to a specific
> processor on an SMP machine ? Does not matter which language as long as it
> can be used with FPC... I'm currently desperately looking at such stuff but
> can't find a thing. :(
> Thanks in advance,
>     Thomas
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