[fpc-pascal]Strange Concept

md md at realmwireless.com
Thu Nov 9 17:53:19 CET 2000

Free pascal community:

Peter Vreman responded that there is a problem getting pascal compiled
code to be used
by code compiled by GNU C.  

Please confirm that any code compiled under pascal is not usable by code
in GNU C.  

No ability to link object file?   test.o
No ability to create shared library?  libtest.so
No ability to create static library?  libtest.a

Any response highly appreciated.

Mark Diener

Peter Vreman wrote:
> > This problem is under linux OS.
> >
> > Maybe someone has an insight on a problem that I am having
> > trying to get a shared library created by Free Pascal
> > to be callable in code by GNU C.
> It's not possible yet as the unit initialization isn't supported by C.
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