Mirek Novak mirek.novak at centrum.cz
Tue Nov 7 08:32:50 CET 2000

md píše:

> I would take Michael Van Canneyt's advice seriously in principle.
> But in reality, the only input I can give is that Windows NT4.0 socket
> performance sucks.  And is unstable.  Winsock 2 at
> least gives you some increase over standard sockets.
> I say unstable because Microsoft probably knows some trick on getting it
> to work well, but they have not documented it.
> So I say that you create your own interface that wraps the specifics of
> Win32 as much as possible. That way portability
> is somewhat achieved.
> Portable code is important, Win32 requires much tweaking and trial and
> much error before
> it works.  May I suggest Linux as a more capable platform?

I do agree, but anoter thing is that I've been asked for writing an
application for Win32... Its a little program for exchanging data over net w/o
server or with server as only promoter for the offered content at the peers.
And contens shoud not matter - must be described by XML annotation ...


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