[fpc-pascal]Error in snapshot from today

Dirk Verwiebe dirk at verwiebe.de
Fri Nov 3 16:59:34 CET 2000

Pierre Muller schrieb:

> At 14:47 03/11/00 , vous avez écrit:
> >Hello,
> >
> >i have funny error messages if i compile my program with fpc 1.1 go32v2 ide
> >snapshot from today.
> >Signal segmentation violation during compilation.
> >Long jumped out of compilation...
> I added some special code that catches signals
> inside compilation in oder to preserve unsaved changes of the editor.
> >With ppc386 i only get :
> >Panic: Internal compiler error
> >Fatal : Internal error 9999
>    Well, a snapshot is never guarantied to work ....

I know. It´s no problem. For normal work i use the release version.
The 1.03 Fix works very good,too but I have no IDE.



> Do yuo get this with small program or only with large sources ?

If you mean the errors within the IDE it seems it occurs with small main sources
and several units but not with small sources without units.
If you compile a program a second time  the IDE crashes.

The internal compiler occurs if i compile i.e the gxdemo from Michael Knapp´s
GRAPHIX (Last Version)

Btw.The CLRSCR function doesn´t delete the contents of the screen.It makes only
a home(pos1).

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