[fpc-pascal]Locked files on WWW; win32 framework

Gabor DEAK JAHN djg at argus.vki.bke.hu
Thu Nov 2 19:21:41 CET 2000

Dear Listfolk,

I'd be happy to find a package similar to the late Object Windows bundled 
with the Windows versions of Borland Pascal which would simplify the 
development of Win32 applications by providing an OO framework -- I'm on 
friendly terms with the original Win32 API but such a framework would reduce 
the work and let me concentrate on the real functionality of the program to 
be developed. I suppose either GTK or FCL could be the package I'm looking 
for but as I wanted to download them, the
<http://www.freepascal.org/>www.freepascal.org site wanted a 
username and a password -- I don't remember having seen anything like that 
when I last visited it. Is this a passing problem or a change in the 
distribution policy?

With best regards,

   Gabor DEAK JAHN

Gabor DEAK JAHN -- Budapest, Hungary.
WWW: <http://www.tramontana.co.hu/>www.tramontana.co.hu
E-mail: djg at tramontana.co.hu

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