[fpc-pascal]Controlling TTY output

md md at realmwireless.com
Wed Nov 1 21:05:52 CET 2000

Thank you sir.

Your information is very helpful.

A follow up question:

> > What this also means that the login process for a given TTY is skipped
> > or avoided so the processes that are started from
> > the runlevel 3 inittab file can spawn processes that will take over a
> > given console.
> You'd better do that, yes.


What I am saying is that I do not have a clear idea on how to get rid of 
those login prompts in non-logged in consoles.  For example, when Linux
is first started,
there is a login prompt in TTY1.  If you login, you can immediately then
press ALT-F2 and go to TTY2.  

There will be another login prompt there as well.  

Lets suppose that from the first console TTY1, a process was started
spawned another process that was directed to TTY2 for
stdin/stdout/stderr.  I imagine
that you would have the output from the login process and the output
from the spawned process both
competing for the console.

How would you prevent the login process from executing so that the TTy2
is available for stdin/output from the spawned 
process without having any requirement of login or such.

Mark Diener

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