Progress [fpc-pascal]m68k port for Palm OS

Florian Klaempfl Florian.Klaempfl at
Wed Nov 1 18:19:35 CET 2000

At 11:10 01.11.2000, you wrote:

>Gonna look more into this. Because of the Palm's size, most of what we would
>traditionally call RTL is simply calls to PalmOS, and would be better 
>in this way.. Though another way of approaching the problem may be to develop
>a simple RTL that wraps the most important 'Start up' PalmOs calls. They could
>therefore be written in straight assembler, rather than trying to use a 
>to call systraps.

I think you should remove most rtl calls if they can't be simulated easily, 
a Palm
doesn't have that much memory ..

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