[fpc-pascal]General error trapping

Andrey Kubyshev email at vtc.ru
Wed Dec 20 12:26:34 CET 2000

Hello BigMatt19,

BigMatt19> envrironment.  Right now I am trying to trap a "broken pipe" error.  I am
BigMatt19> assuming that this error would be written to linuxerror, but what directive 
BigMatt19> do I put a + sign to that will stop the program from crashing?  Also, if 
BigMatt19> there is a general tutorial online about this sort of thing it would be 
BigMatt19> really cool if I could check that out.

Is, one way is to set signal handler , another is mask that interrupt
for your process and if you got this signal when you try to send data
to socket closed from other side, you should specify last parameter as
MSG_NOSIGNAL its equal 16384.

about signal handling with C lib :

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