Hinrich Donner hd at tiro.de
Fri Dec 8 20:37:57 CET 2000


On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, j.urban wrote:

>It shouldn't always return everything, it's returning directories and
>'.' and '..' ARE directories.  If you specify faDirectory, '.' and '..'
>SHOULD be found as directories.  If files are also returned, then you
>might have a different problem...

So, if I use

findfirst('*.*',faAnyFile - faDirectory,sr), or, if you mind
findfirst('*.*',faAnyFile and not(faDirectory),sr), then, imho, the
function should not search for directories. If it does, the declaration of
attributes is sensless.

Or is there something wrong in my thougts?

Regards, Hinrich
Hinrich Donner

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