Michael Van Canneyt michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be
Mon Dec 4 14:16:43 CET 2000

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000, [iso-8859-2] Keve Gábor wrote:

> Hello All!
> I want to mix (under linux) the vantage of UnCGI & Interbase unit, but the result is a weird error message.
> Maybe this is not the good place for this question, but i can't find the solve of this problem.
> Here the error message:
> Connecting to testdb.gdb: OK. Starting Transaction : OK. Allocating statement : OK. Preparing statement : Failed: <- This is the problem. 
> // Write ('Preparing statement : '); if ISC_dsql_prepare(@status, at ta, at statement,0,query,1,sqlda)<>0 then
> (sources: testib.pp, uncgi.pp, ibase60.pp)

Did you test the testib without uncgi ?

> My system: SuSE Linux v6.4
>                     Apache WEB server,
>                     FPC 1.0,
>                     Interbase 6.0 under linux.

You can also try using the IBdataset units; it works in a Delphi like manner,
and the units definitely work, since I tried them on saturday.


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