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Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Sun Dec 3 12:35:29 CET 2000

> So in 32 bit architecture a pointer is only a 32 bit offset, isn't it?
> Adressed from 0 to XXXX Bytes...

A pointer INSIDE the application, and only if all selectors are the 
same ((cs?=)ds=es=ss)

If ds<>ss then

type xx=^char;		{32-bit pointer}

var s : char;
	y : xx;


For outside the application you need 48-bit pointers (not in the 
language, all 48-bit access should go through the OS)

> But how does the OS and the CPU handle the "protected" memory blocks? In 16
> bit with selectors, the selectors were a value to an table that stored data
> of the blocks, how they were protected, if its a code segment or a data
> segment, etc. etc.
> how is this done in 32 bit?

Same, only the protection is more definite, and there are some more 

Marco van de Voort (MarcoV at Stack.nl or marco at freepascal.org)

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