[fpc-pascal][fpc_jl] Fri snapshots v11 updated

leej at logica.com leej at logica.com
Fri Dec 1 05:03:07 CET 2000

Snapshots v11 : reminder -latest go32v2 win32 (snapshot*.zip) sent
& now on fpc ftp ftp.freepascal.org (&mirrors) /snapshot/
   , basego32, utilgo32, uapigo32, ufclgo32, unetgo32, ubasgo32, umisgo32, idego32, smart_go32, o_idego32, o_basego32 zips sent & in /go32v2
   , basew32, utilw32, uapiw32, ufclw32, ugtkw32, unetw32, udbw32, ubasw32, umisw32, idew32, smart_w32, o_idew32, o_basew32 zips sent & in /win32
These are updated daily where possible, see /snapshot/ dos_read, win32_read
and ide*.txt in the win32 & go32v2 subdirectories
for latest versions, changes included & status.

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