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Hi, I’d like to say, just because a bunch of people follow a trend doesn’t mean that’s a good idea. History is full of stories about foolish people following trends and bad ideas which lead to their demise.

Abandoning irc, {which is one of the few online platforms that allows you to choose/create your own client and doesn’t require a phone number or email to chat} is just another example of what I consider shortsightedness at best.

It amazes me how easy it is to trick people into leaving the platform where they can communicate freely on the internet without censorship, advertising or data harvesting.

Discord is most definitely NOT an irc replacement. It is spyware and it’s user experience is horrible. They seem to have a large team of developers but it can’t even resize properly. I guess the developers were more interested in the data harvesting code. Everytime I’ve tried it, my computer fan starts running like crazy which means it’s up to no good.

The same thing could be accomplished without the spyware by simply having a forum where people continually talk into a small number of threads.

Yes it supposedly has voice chat. Do you think I want to voice chat with strangers I meet online? Not yet but if I ever do there are already other voice chat solutions.

As for the person who keeps complaining about me banning people , his irc account was registered 2 years 6 days ago. He had 691 days in which he could have joined #fpc and helped make the channel a success, yet he refused.

Now he suddenly cares about fpc community. I think this is great! I have urged him to invite all the trolls and bots that I banned from #fpc to his channel. Who knows ? Maybe he can get them interested in using fpc and writing some code. That would be a win win situation for all of us.

If there is anyone here who wants to help reverse the downward spiral and help with chat support please come support the only chat channel owned by developers and long time fpc enthusiasts. If not I’ll just assume there is nobody available and that would be a sad situation indeed regarding the population and health of the fpc community.

The details are here

IRC.LIBERA.CHAT Ports [6667 plaintext ] or [6697 secure] channels #fpc

pm joanna in forums if you need help or want to be added to invite list.

I have used hexchat irc client or irc cloud but there are many irc clients to choose from.
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