[fpc-other] Downward spiral

tsiegel at softcon.com tsiegel at softcon.com
Mon May 29 03:13:12 CEST 2023

On 5/26/2023 3:31 AM, HSN via fpc-other wrote:
> Irc is the best chat platform for people who are present and available 
> to chat. It also has notifications so it’s not necessary to watch it 
> constantly. You can do other things on or near your computer while irc 
> is running. It even works on mobile devices.
> Just in case someone tries to yap about discord, please preemptively 
> read this article.
> http://shystudios.us/blog/discord/discord.html
Discord is just a modern version of IRC.  I personally see no difference 
between the two, except that discord is harder to access, since you 
can't use just any old client to connect like you can with irc.

Hopefully that will change as time goes on, but for me, there's no 
functional difference.

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