[fpc-other] Interpreter speed

Adriaan van Os adriaan at adriaan.biz
Sun Apr 30 08:40:05 CEST 2023

Bernd Oppolzer via fpc-other wrote:
> This may be slightly off-topic, but I can tell you some facts about my 
> Stanford Pascal compiler,
> which runs
> - native on z Mainframe machines (which may count as a RISC machine, 
> given the instruction set used)
> - emulated by Hercules, which is a emulator of z Mainframes
> - by emulating P-Code, which is a (sort of) byte code for Pascal ... the 
> P-Code (which is pure text, portable)
> is translated to a byte code representation before execution; static 
> linking is also done in this stage

Interesting, thanks.

Adriaan van Os

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