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Nikolay Nikolov via fpc-other said on Sat, 29 Apr 2023 09:40:03 +0300

>On 4/29/23 09:02, Steve Litt via fpc-other wrote:

>1.5) In 2020, Freenode's #fpc channel was being ruined by a troll, who 
>was flooding the channel with crap, offtopic links and misinformation 
>about Pascal and would hijack and steer every real Pascal discussion
>to absurd topics, like, for example, whether the moon landings were
>faked. It's not like offtopic discussion was banned, but he was
>disrupting any regular and meaningful talk. It was horrible, I have
>described it several times as a burning trash can. The FPC moderators
>at the time didn't do anything, even though Joanna complained on the

It's true. There are people who deliberately sow discord. They ruin
formerly good communication venues, and they should be immediately
kicked out of the venue. I once saw a flame war tear apart a wonderful
Linux group: It was horrible.

You have my word that on #fpc-alt and ##fpc-alt, I'll remove anyone who
is just trying to start trouble for trouble's sake. I didn't put that in
the topic yet, but when it becomes necessary, I will, and I'll also
give the troublemaker a warning before banning him or her if the
deliberate troublemaking continues.

I've done this before, on a mailing list I controlled. It's amazing how
few people you have to ban to have a civilized and productive venue. I
banned three people, two of whom never knew they were banned. In the 19
year history of the GoLUG (Greater Orlando Linux User Group) I probably
had to issue about 10 warnings, and once I put every single person
under moderation to stop a rapidly developing flame war. It never
happened again.



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